Old Standbys: Docker's

I'm willing to bet that at least among my American readers that everyone has worn a pair of Docker's at some point in their life.  Docker's are a brand so synonymous with the khaki twill cotton trouser that (in the US) it's name is frequently substituted when referring to such clothing.

When you think Docker's you might think of a schlubby desk jockey in pleated tent pants who obviously has now idea how to dress himself properly.  I challenge you to think again.  Over the recent years, semi-unbeknown to me, Docker's has released several cuts of their iconic trousers (see below graphic).
Maybe we can ignore the D4 for now, as they appear to be mimicking the profile of Hammer Pants.  Even if you have thighs much larger than your head, I guarantee that you'll fit into at least the D3, classic fit.  You probably want to look more toward the D2, however.  The straight fit is my jam.  The leg opening is a bit large but I live with it (remember what Hardy Aimes said about Trousers). I don't want to look like a top.  I tried on a pair of pants with the D1 slim fit this weekend and it would never fly with my TBTYH.  If you're familiar with Levi's, the D2 is to the 501 as the D1 is to the 514.  Regular and small-sized bretheren, the D1 is your best bet.
The key advantage to Docker's is the price.  Most of their line retails around $50.00 (usualy less) per pair.  Most of their online stuff is actually on sale right now.

I already have a pair of standard flat front straight fit Docker's pants right now but what recently caught my eye was their new K1s.

The K1 is a 3-ply 100% cotton trouser inspired by the old military models, featuring a hook and latch closure and button fly (maybe it's because I am a Levi's 501 fiend but I love anything with a button fly).  It is only available in the D2 straight fit.  For $68.00, it's not going to break the bank and will most certainly last quite a while.

I'm thinking of picking up a pair for the spring.  I'll be sure to take some fit pics for ya'll if I do.


This "Pantsformation" page on the Docker's site features a quotation from good old Mr. Mort!
"Khaki is like a fine bottle of brandy.  You can never have enough, and they get even better with age."
 It also features the "I Wear No Pants" Super Bowl ad...if you're into that...


  1. I put on the D2 at Sears last week and they are huge. And nobody stocks D1 (I checked JC Penney and Macys) because retailers asume that everyone is fat and wants pleated pants.

  2. Just ordered a pair of D2's in Branch (brown) from Zappos. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It's actually a trimmer cut than what GAP claims to be their "slim fit" khakis, for example.