Chino Blazer Roundup

If you've been keeping up, I recently did a profile on L.L. Bean Signature and Land's End Canvas.  The first match-up I covered was the chino blazer that both offered.  Scroll down to the previous post or click here to read it.  As I became more interested in the idea of a khaki blazer for spring (now a definite must in my eyes), I began to explore other options as well.  This is what I came up with.  I tried to keep it within the realm of financial possibility for the average gentleman.  All the reasonably stylish and available options I came across fell within the 140-250 dollar range (although the Land's End Canvas jacket was only $70 and the L.L. Bean offering was $135).

This simple three-button jacket from Martin+Osa could be just what you need for this spring and summer.  It features a slimmer modern cut, two working button holes on the cuffs, a half-lining patterned in what appears to be a white/green/red/black tartan.  The shell is 100% twill cotton and the lining is 100% cotton poplin.   This jacket has the fairly requisite front flap pockets, welted slash front breast pocket, and single back vent.  Not a bad pick for $140, especially when M+O is currently closing a bunch of stores and having sales nearly every other day.  Get into your local store to try one on if you can before they're gone.  I'd also bet you a beer that this is Paul's (of Components of Enthusiasm [on hiatus for now]) jam for sure.

Ralph Lauren Rugby
This slightly more keyed-up 3 roll 2 jacket from Rugby may be more up your alley.  It is fitted with what Rugby calls its "vintage style shorter and skinnier Newbury silhouette", featuring four working buttons on its cuff.  If you unbutton these buttons, you unveil one of the edgy details of this jacket: the lettering "Rugby A Game of Gentlemen" inside the cuff.  The other Rugby choice detail is the skull and bones logo on the underside of the collar.  Patch pockets all around and you've got yourself a solid chino option for this spring.  It's something I imagine young Angelo of Class Act sporting from time to time in the coming months.

Ralph Lauren Polo
Hey, this looks suspiciously similar to the last jacket!  Well, it's made by the same parent company, Ralph Lauren, and on the surface it appears to be just a more mature version of the previously badass jacket profiled above.  In fact, it has most of the same features, including the four working cuff buttons.  Look a bit closer though and you'll see that this coat has genuine mother of pearl buttons, no flaps on the pockets, or any of the "edgy" details, as with the Rugby.  However, in a perfectly understated way, the detail that makes this particular jacket stand out is the strawberry red undercollar.  All signs point to L.A.S. of Sartorially Inclined most likely to rock this armor.

J. Crew
While this jacket is definitely on the higher end, considering the quality it seems a good bet for under 250 dollars.  This two-button jacket is woven from cotton twill from the Crespi Mill in Italy.  The Ludlow cut is the most modern silhouette J. Crew offers, featuring a narrow lapel and a shorter cut.  Standard flap front pockets and flap front pockets but this joint is fully lined with what looks like *gasp* silk.  It has felt under the collar and non-functioning button holes on the cuffs (way to suck all the fun out of it, J. Crew). But seriously, although it is sold as a  separate, this is more of a *real* suit jacket than the others.  The matching pant is sold on the same page.  If Will from Momentum of Failure doesn't already have this on his back, it's probably in a UPS truck headed for Denver.

Outro: As for this roundup, along with the L.L. Bean Signature and Land's End Canvas options outlined previously, these are probably your best bets for chino blazers for this spring and summer.   Something of note concerning sizing: the Polo and J. Crew jackets are available in traditional suit jacket sizes (ie. 42R) whereas the lower-end pieces are a little more unpredictable with label-specific sizes (S, M, L, XL).  Cheers.

My apologies to any high-profile bloggers whose sensibilities may have been offended by this post; I'm just having fun.


  1. This one is on sale at J Crew right now for $98. I ordered one last night in a large.


    Love the blog, by the way. One my journey from being a 330 lb pansy dude to a 225 lb dude who can squat 275, I've had a lot of trouble finding pants, too. I've been getting better though. Some things I've picked up recently that I love:
    Banana Republic relaxed Dawson chinos
    BR relaxed fit "washed chinos"
    LL Bean Signature Sportsman Chino (you mentioned these in an earlier post I think)
    Gap Loose Fit denim
    BR relaxed fit denim


  2. Nice find, JB! I may have to snag that. Thanks for the other suggestions as well.

    Bravo on the body transformation, by the way. Good to see some readers who are fellow (real) lifters.


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