Finding Color

I love a monochromatic outfit as much as the next gentlemen.  Black, white and gray can craft a powerful statement.  Since the dawn of time, the palette of popular menswear has been heavy with neutral colors/shades: grays, white, dark blues and black.  But to keep things interesting, color is a pleasant departure from a monochromatic wardrobe.  Right now, in my sartorial journey, I feel comfortable introducing one, maybe two pieces of vibrant color into my outfits; a shirt and an accessory, a tie and an accessory, etc.

A colorful accessory is an excellent way to introduce color into your wardrobe.  I've recently been turned back on to watches.  I was as recently as last year a certified watch hater, as I had a cell phone that could tell time perfectly and carrying a watch just seemed redundant.  After traveling to Europe and relinquishing my phone to the horrors of international roaming, I re-evaluated the usefulness of the watch.  I picked up a very cheap but very simple Timex Classic Camper in black and have been using it with purpose ever since.  Since, I've noticed how nondescript the watch actually is (which, incidentally is the reason I wanted it).

So I was in J. Crew today.  They were selling 18mm watch bands for $15 in store (two for $30 online). I couldn't resist.  There were several regimental styles.  I debated internally for several minutes until deciding that I didn't have enough color in my palette and chose a pure red band.  Despite the terrible service at this particular store, I walked out of there with a red NATO style watch band.  Upon my arrival home, I put it on my Timex and this is what I saw:

If nothing else, I have a watch to match the team colors of both the notorious Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls.  If you are truly a hater an have no respect after that, I can tell you that the band and second hand perfectly match my Marty McFly vest.


  1. love this watch. didnt know thy had other bands...

  2. I did the same thing with my camper (Dark Pumpkin strap).

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    And we know TIGER got RED NATO.
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