Who wears short shorts?

I guess I do.
Summer is pretty much in full swing, at least in my neck of the woods. And here in Chicago, there are days that are unbearably hot in long pants. Shorts are necessary for a man living in a climate capable of generating upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature on a regular basis in the summertime. When you are a gentleman possessing thighs with large mass, the last thing you should do is completely cover your legs' upper half.
If you've worked to have muscular legs, I implore you to consider a short that ends substantially above the knee. Now I'm not advising that you sport briefs in public, just something that will flatter your legs and not remind me of the billowing, below-the-knee shorts trend of the past decade. It highly depends on the *length* of your thigh but generally, a single-digit inseam (in inches) will get you there. Personally, this translates to a 7-inch inseam (I am 6'2" with a comparatively long torso). For you it may be different. Five, six, seven, nine, and eleven inch inseam shorts are all readily available.
The good thing about shorts from all the major players is that they're usually cut pretty full and almost never "slim" (unless otherwise specified). If possible, get to a store to try them on to be sure. Assuming you fit into them, a pair of shorts is gonna look better on you than on a dude with peg legs. Also, if you have a pair of old pants that fit you well through the thigh, another option is to make your own shorts. I've done so with an old pair of navy corduroy pants to great success.
Although photos of me in shorts are in short supply (I should be able to find some daylight soon to snap a few and show ya'll), I've hunted down a few commercially available (and affordable) options and will list them here. Seriously, if you're paying over $100 for shorts (such nonsense does exist) you may need to rethink a few things.
Land's End
The shortest, at a 6" inseam, and also the least expensive, at $29.50, this short from Land's End has a traditional fit, "roomy" and is available in seven colors. Go with the pictured light khaki, stone, navy, gray, granite, commando green, or satisfy your inner prep with Nantucket red.

J. Crew
J. Crew also has you covered with a pair of 7" inseam shorts available in a variety of earthtones as well as blue and Nantucket red. They're made of two-ply cotton twill and are broken in so you don't have to worry about stiff chino fabric in the hot summer months.

For you lankier gents, Rugby's University Chino short has a longer 9" inseam with the typical plethora of color options (ultra-prep included). You do get a nice little button-down flap change pocket in addition to a hook and bar-tab front closure.

If you prefer a more rugged option, Patagonia has a great pair of 7 inch inseam shorts with a regular fit. Made of 10oz. organic cotton twill, these shorts were designed with the rock climber in mind. If you value durability and don't mind the heavier weight, the Stand Up shorts are right up your alley.

 These are just a few affordable options I could scrounge up, many other options are abound. Get yourself some shorts, then get out and give your pegs some sun. Also, if you have a minute, read the Wikipedia article on shorts, it is hilarious.

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  1. Thank you! I have been preaching the gospel of a return to true shorts and swim trunks to all my friends. Sadly, I've had little success. The 11" inseam is so ugly to me.