Spring Reds

I've spoken about my affinity for red before. I'm excited for spring because I can finally start  wearing this Gant Rugger cotton "varsity" jacket I picked up last season. It fits me damn near perfectly (an XL), and it's a good weight for chilly spring nights worn over a sweater or just a shirt on a sunny day. Stylistically, I like it because it's kind of a cross between a traditional wool/leather varsity letterman jacket (which is a bit too young for my taste) and a Harrington (which is a bit too old for my taste).

Don't worry, Dragon's got me.


  1. That Arrested D references is totally unexpected and completely appreciated.

    Fine jacket, as well.

  2. I am glad. This post was really an excuse for that joke and to see if anyone would pick up on it. Thanks.

  3. http://gubaydullin.blogspot.com/

  4. Ah! I just found this! My thighs are also bigger than your head (well, they're bigger than mine, anyway) and likely to grow a bit in the coming months. But I'm not a big guy other than thighs and butt, so pants that fit my thighs are usually too big elsewhere. BIG DILEMMA.

    I'm very much a newbie to any kind of style and also I don't have a lot of money, but everyone has to start somewhere. Excited to procrastinate at work looking through your posts.

  5. No, Dragon's in the bathroom. MAMA!

    Thank you for that. Thank you, thank you.

    Just stumbled across your blog by way of the Put This On meetup page. Bookmarking immediately. Keep up the good work in Chicago and the Midwest.



  6. Mister Suss: I'm glad you're here.

    Seth: Thanks. You guys at MWS are definitely doing work. I'm glad to represent the Midwest and it's good to see others doing big things in the Heartland/Third Coast.

  7. I am digging this jacket. I have a similar one that is black and white checked. Bravo

    - Sabir (www.MensStylePro.com)

  8. Love your blog, just discovered it now! Looking forward to more posts!

  9. Love the jacket. Is it bad that I'm excited for autumn so that I can start to wear my awesome winter-clothes again?

  10. Man, I'm digging this site. I am a very fit short guy with big legs and ass, Dad has big legs too, it's genetic. I've been trying to find ways to dress myself forever. However, I can destroy big weights while squatting, so hey not all bad

  11. I was just wondering, is this blog dead or on some hiatus?

    I enjoyed the concept very much, as I have tree trunk thighs myself.

  12. Late to the post and the joke, but absolutely love the jacket AND especially that episode of AD. "Shake Me, Dragon!"

  13. Tommy V, thanks for the insight and directions but nothing worked and my jeans are the most baggy-assed denim I've ever put on (wet or dry). The featherweights at Levis.com customer relations replaced my jeans (presumably because they were defective), but sent out another pair that have now behaved the same way, only shrunk less with your method than just plain hot water wash and drying on a hot cycle. Now what? Guess these have to go back to them for a refund. The price was right for a pair of 501s in selvage denim, but, I'm done--way too much work for a pair of Levis.

    1. Out of curiosity, what do you usually wear?

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