Fresh White Summer Sneaks

I've been on the prowl for some clean white canvas sneakers for this summer and my oh my, there are many options.  I spent a little time today perusing Zappos for some good choice footwear. This is what I came up with.  For the purposes of this post, I'm just rounding up the whitest, simplest shoes under $60. You can get pretty nutty with white sneakers upwards of $300 but I hardly find value in a canvas shoe you're going to trash anyway.  Also, this is by no means an exhaustive list, only what I found during a quick glance at Zappos.  In no particular order:

The gold standard according to some of the cool blogs and skater kids.  This shoe, in 'True White', features a flexible canvas upper with a gum rubber sole and one of the simplest designs you'll see.  The price is always right as well.

Just in time for Earth Day, feel good about the enivronment by getting a version of the before mentioned Authentic.  The upper is made of 100% organic canvas and the sole is made from 20% recycled rubber.  I actually really just love the colorway. They're on sale at Zappos but there are limited sizes available.

A lower-profile version of the classic Chucks, this sneak has a canvas upper and liner with a lightly padded footbed.  The standard rubber sole keeps you planted to the street and the red pinstripe sets you out from the crowd.

While not canvas, I figure linen is close enough in line with a summer shoe material that it can be reasonably included.  This shoe is pretty low, almost slipper-like.  The colorway may seem a bit subdued at first glance but make sure you check out the other side (WARNING: splash of wacky color). The Swedes did right by me with this one.

This offering from Adidas is low profile and lightweight (9.0 oz. per sz 8.5 shoe).  It features a vulcanized canvas upper, rubber sole, and a design based on the Eberhard Schöller table tennis shoe of old.  The association with Adidas and the three stripe detail makes this a bit of a sportier option.

A slightly modified version of the 1930's badminton classic, the Jack Purcell CP has got everything you need and more.  Canvas upper and rubber sole come standard along with Jack Purcell's signature on the heel and the signature "smile" on the toe.

This Sperry sneaker is like a luxury version of the Vans Authentic; it has more padding and cushioning than it's bare-bones younger brother.  It retains the razor-cut tread on the sole just like Sperry's deck shoes, for wet and dry traction.

Supra Thunder Lo - $52.00
I haven't even heard of Supra until yesterday, in fact, although they seem to have some nice footwear.  Direct from the product description, this is a "classic low top design".  No bones about this shoe, it is clean and simple and doesn't mess around with any adornments.

If you're looking for a similar shoe to the Supra with a splash of color, the Pro-Keds are for you.  They have a rubber toe and sole with the requisite canvas upper.  They also feature a removable padded footbed, which is kind of nice.  I just wish Pro-Keds made their Royal CVO in white, but alas.  *Edit - They do!  Although they don't appear to be in production anymore. Thanks, Lawrence!

Have you got a go-to fresh white sneak that you want to share?  Drop me a line in the comments below.


  1. My favorite pair were the Converse with the Adidas coming in a close 2nd. The Adidas pair reminds me of my white sneakers with black stripes- all the girls had them back in the day and I just remember not taking care of mine and getting the toes dingy yellow and never wanting to wear them after that! -Mel

  2. I've been looking for these too. Seavees has some real nice options but they're way too expensive. PF Flyers is doing interesting things w/their "Heritage" line. That word is getting old but now that I think of it, I've never met a heritage line I didn't like.