In My Closet: J. Crew Field Jacket

A staple of blogs such as this is to profile a go-to piece in the author's wardrobe.  This is my take on it; this is my go-to.  I've probably worn this coat more than any other item of clothing I am still in possession of so listen up:
To clarify the title of the post, it's only in my closet in the warmest months of the year.  Right now, it is on my back most of the time.  But yes, it is a J. Crew field jacket, probably nearly ten years old by now.  I cannot remember how it was originally acquired as it was a hand-me-down from my father.

  • Outer shell is 100% cotton canvas
  • Removable liner is polyester and acrylic with Thinsulate
  • Corduroy collar and cuffs (I don't roll the cuffs up to expose it because the sleeves get too short)
This coat is big.  It is large and was made before what I like to call the "fitted revolution".  But that is part of its charm.  It is just a big-style hunting jacket that makes you feel like a badass.  In fact, I went to a party recently during a snowstorm (which seems like most of the time in Chicago) with this coat. Upon my arrival, I was told that I resembled a 19th century Antarctic explorer.  It probably helped that I was heavily bearded and was wearing my 8" Bean boots as well.  Still, it was one of the best compliments I've ever received.

Long before that, this has been my suit of armor against the cold.  It is utilitarian to the max but still retains handsomeness.  A girl I went out with a few times in college mistook it for a Carhartt (which actually looks pretty great right now!).  But hey, the removable liner means that it can easily becomes a lightweight canvas jacket for fall or spring as well.  It is a bit baggy without the liner but a sweater or sport coat makes up the difference.
Anyway, I just wanted to show ya'll what kind of awesome stuff can be found used for little or no cash monies.  Obviously I didn't have to pay for this because it was given to me.  However, I've seen several similar coats go up on eBay over the years.  And if you want to go new, the Carhartt mentioned above is only around $80!  If you take away nothing from this post, please know that this is the coat I will be donning during the zombie apocalypse.  Those lower front two pockets will be loaded to the brim with shotgun shells.  Thought you should know.


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